The purpose of MAIN ROADS ONLY MAP are for adverse weather conditions for school bus routes to get students home in a timely manner with student safety in mind.

The school buses will be waiting at the bus stops for at least 30 minutes at each designated bus stop to give parents enough time to get to the bus stops.

The maps will only go into effect when the school district calls MAIN ROADS ONLY when roads get impassable for the school buses. The location are marked with black dots on the maps, some of the maps have times posted.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Questions please call (928)674-9710

Lukachukai                         Black Rock

Wheatfields                          Chinle

School Transportation Page 19 TPS Student/Parent Handbook


Riding the bus is a privilege. BE EARLY AND ON TIME FOR THE BUS. The primary responsibility of the school bus driver is to make sure students arrive and depart safely. Students must follow the directions of the school bus driver.


The following are bus safety procedures that all students are expected to follow:

1. The bus will not move until all passengers are seated.

2. Remain seated throughout the trip, and leave your seat only when the bus has reached its destination and comes to a complete stop.

3. Keep your books and belongings on your lap or put them under the seat or on the luggage rack

4. keep the aisle clear

5. only speak to the driver in case of an emergency

6. Avoid doing anything that might disturb or interfere with the driver.

7. Never stick hands, arms, head, or feet out of a window.

8. Keep the windows closed.

9. Do not throw anything within the bus or out of a window.

10. The emergency door or exit controls are used in case of an emergency.

11. Video recording (using any electronic device such as cell phones, ipads, ipods) is prohibited.


Only a written note signed by the parent or legal guardian can change a student’s assigned bus. Bus changes must be made TWO HOURS BEFORE DISMISSAL. The Office Support Staff will write a bus change and give it to the teacher  — NO PHONE CALLS, REQUESTING BUS CHANGE—

Walkers aren’t permitted to ride the bus. Parents or legal guardians who want ot pick up their child afterschool must wait until the walkers leave. Parents must properly check/sign out their children in the main office after buses depart.

WE REQUEST THAT PARENTS DO NOT FLAG DOWN OR TRY AND STOP A BUS, Please meet the bus at its next regular stop, wait where the bus can see your vehicle. DO NOT allow students to get out of vehicle while on the highway behind the bus.

Bus #RouteDestinationDriver
10200Wheatfields, Whitecone8080, C-444, BIA Rd. 7980, Tsaile Creek N.Clay
05201North, East, South Lukachukai, RT 13, BIA 131 & BIA 135C. Hickman
79202Round Rock, Water Tower RD, BIA 8067, Lukachukai NHA, Along Rt. 12, W. Giant E. John
29203Tsaile Acres I & II, Hogan Housing, C-443, 7700 Rd. S. James
46204Black Rock, South of Tsaile Lake, DC Trailer Court, DC Dorms L. Begay
12205Chinle rt. 7 and 64, C-441, C-319, Tsaile IHS, Tsaile NHA, Ram PasteurD. Elliott
51206(ESS BUS) Tsaile NHA, Wheatfields, Lukachukai, Tsaile Acres I&IIG. Moses
12207Tsaile Creek, Wheatfields, BIA 8080N. Clay
05208Lukachukai, Along route 12&13, LA NHA C. Hickman
79209Round RockE. John
46210D.C. Trailer Court, D.C. Dorms, Black Rock C-319, C-441, Del Muerto, Chinle, Along Rt. 64L. Begay
46211High School Activity- Wheatfields L. Begay