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The name Beyond Textbooks does not refer to an abandonment of traditional textbooks, but rather refers to a philosophy of teaching and learning that transcends textbooks and state standards to strengthen support for communities of teachers, facilitate teaching and learning, and improve student growth and achievement.



Beyond Textbooks

100 Book Challenge       (100BC)

100 Book Challenge is an independent reading program designed to maximize the effectiveness of a school’s reading curriculum. It’s goal is to develop avid, lifelong readers, students whose proficiency in and love of reading enable them to flourish throughout their lives – in the classroom, on standardized tests, at he college of their choice, and in a life-enriching career- allowing all aspects of their experience to be enhanced by the information and perspectives gained from reading. HOME READING: Parents can support their child by ensuring the student reads independently and uninterrupted for 15 minutes at home and that you record that time for the school. research shows that the more time a child reads independently their literacy skills improve.


Book Log Sheets 100 Book Challenge Log Sheets


Other Reading Resources:

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Achieve 3000 (3rd-8th grades)

Achieve3000 is a web-based tool for supporting reading comprehensions and writing proficiency in grades 2 through 12. It supports differentiated instruction and uses a collection of (nonfiction) news and current event stories to support the curriculum. Each student can have their Lexile measured through the Acieve3000. The Lexile framework involves a scale for measuring both reading ability of an individual and the text complexity of materials he or she encounters. The Lexile scale is like a thermometer, except rather than measuring temperature, the Lexile Framework measure a text’s complexity and a reader’s skill level.


AIMS Science – Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards in Science 4th & 8th Grade ONLY


Arizona’s Statewide Achievement Assessment for English Language Arts and Mathematics

Smarty Ants ( Kg- 2nd Grades)

Smarty Ants

Smarty Ants



The WhyTry Program is a strength based approach to helping youth overcome their challenges and improve outcomes in the areas  of truancy, behavior, and academics. It is based on sound, empirical principals, including solution focused therapy, social and emotional intelligence, and multisensory learning.

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