Important Note: This a fluid situation and the decisions and communication we are making today are based on the latest information available. Information may be subject to change based on changes to the situation.


Q: Why are CUSD schools closed from March 16-through the end of the school year?

A: School closures have been announced three times since March 15:

On March 15, 2020 Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman jointly announced the closure of all public schools in Arizona for the time period of March 16-March 27, 2020.  For CUSD, we are on Spring Break already from March 16-March 20, 2020, so we are treating the week of March 23-27 as an extended break.

On March 20, 2020, Governor Ducey extended the school closure through April 10, 2020. Arizona and CUSD #24 continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation through the Center for Disease Control and state and local public health agencies. If additional or more extended closures are required we will post those here.

On March 30, 2020 Governor Ducey extended the school closure through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  (May 29, 2020)

Q: Who can I call if I have questions about the extended break?

A: Please call your school for questions about the extended break. Principals have been briefed and will be prepared to field questions. Questions can be answered 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.
CDC         –                928.674-9200
CES          –                928.674.9300
MVES      –                928.674.9800
CJHS       –                928.674.9401
CHS         –                928.674.9500
MFPS      –                928.674-9000
TPS          –                928.674-9100

Q: What does Arizona HB 2910 “public school closures; coronavirus disease” require of public schools in Arizona during the school closures due to COVID-19 concerns?

A: There are several key pieces of information in HB2910 that employees need to be aware of. A few of those are listed below. 

  • If the statewide closure of Arizona public schools is not lifted by March 29, 2020 the bill states that public schools are not required to extend the number of school days or add additional instructional hours  after the statewide closure ends.
  • Requires, beginning March 30, 2020 each public school to offer students general education opportunities, as determined by the public school, for the duration of the statewide closure. (Sec 1). a) stipulates that this requirement is a condition for the public school to receive continued formula funding. 
  • Directs public schools to continue offering general educational opportunities until the scheduled end of its posted 2019-2020 school year if the statewide closure is not lifted.
  • Specifies that if the statewide closure is lifted before the scheduled end of the public school’s 2019-2020 posted school year calendar, the public school must either:
    • Resume physical operations as usual; or
    • Continue offering general education opportunities
  • Allows the public school to use its transportation fleet to perform school operations that are deemed to support students and their families during the statewide closure, as determined by the public school.

Q: What are the implications of the Navajo Nation Public Health Emergency Order NO. 2020-003 Public Health Emergency Stay at Home (Shelter in Place) Order?

A: There are several key provisions in Order No. 2020-003 that are specific to public education:

  • “To mitigate the risk and to preserve the public health and safety, all individuals living on the Navajo Nation must stay home or at their place of residence, except essential workers needed to maintain continuity of operations of the critical infrastructure sectors. (See If you visit this link and go to the “Government Facilities Sector,” you will find preK-12th grade schools listed under the Sector Overview.
  • (Page 2-3, Item C, viii) “…Essential Businesses include: Healthcare Operations, Essential Government Functions and Essential Infrastructure (e.g. courts of law, medical providers for urgent care, public utilities, and critical school operations such as nutrition programs): 
    • viii: Educational institutions – for purposes of facilitating distance learning or performing essential functions, provided that Social Distancing is maintained to the greatest extent possible.

·         Page 3, Item C, x) “…Schools and other entities that typically provide free food services to students or members of the public may continue to do so under this Order on the condition that the food is provided to students or members of the public on a pick-up and takeaway basis only. Schools and other entities that provide food services under this exemption shall not permit the food to be eaten at the site where it is provided or at any other gathering site.

  • NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that this Order declaring restrictions based upon the existence of a condition of public health importance shall not abrogate any disease-reporting requirements.

Q: Who can I call if I have a concern that I or someone I know has been exposed?

A: Contact your physician’s office or Teladoc at 1-800-835-2362. You can also contact the Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility at 1-928-674-7994. Finally, if you believe that you have been exposed to the virus, contact your immediate supervisor.

Q: Will CUSD employees be paid during this extended break?

A: CUSD will pay all team members during this extended break, if they were previously scheduled to work. Generally speaking, this will be those on 260 day contracts

Contracted employees are guaranteed their full salary for the year and will not see any decrease in their salary or break in pay. This includes everyone that has a work year calendar with a defined number of days.

Contractors under an independent contractor agreement will continue to receive their pay if they are providing the time and services under their contract.

We will provide additional details about this to individual work groups. Questions about pay can be answered by your immediate supervisor. Thank you for your patience as we work to prepare our staff to answer your questions.

Q: What are the expectations of various employee groups?

School-based Team Members

March 16-27, 2020 – Essential staff will work during this time. Generally speaking this will be 260 day contract employees. However, we are providing food services beginning the week of March 23 and this will require some other employees in order to execute Grab and Go services (see food distribution link for more information)

Generally speaking, teachers/staff who don’t normally work over spring break are not expected to be in buildings for March 16-27. During the extended spring break, no school-based personnel will be working, with the exception of limited school-based staff described above.

However, there is an expectation by the State of Arizona and an obligation to continue to provide education via alternative methods beginning March 30. With this in mind, beginning the week of March 23 supervisors may begin to call upon additional staff who are essential to planning and executing this work going forward. Additional details about this will be made available through this website and/or via email or other direct communication by supervisors during the week of March 23.

School buildings will then be closed Monday, March 16 through March 27, 2020 to the public and most staff. During that time, essential personnel will do the important disinfecting that needs to be done to ensure the building is ready for staff and students to return when the schools reopen. Individual team members determined to be essential staff may be scheduled to work during this time. Your supervisor will directly contact you to provide direction.

As of March 30, 2020, school staff except previously identified staff are working from home. School leaders and their staff are developing a plan surrounding the logistics of duties and times when staff may have to come to the school site in order to complete the preparation of learning packets for students. More information will be posted here as soon as the details have been finalized.

Central Office and other Non-school Based Personnel

CUSD administrative office and department buildings will be open for business related matters during the extended break. Supervisors will notify employees needed to adequately staff departments, and those staff will be expected to report to work.

Generally, employees on a 260 work-year calendar will report to work during this time. Anyone with a work calendar other than 260 days will not report to work unless under special circumstances where you are requested to do so by your supervisor.

Q: What services will be available in schools during this extended break?

A: This is an extended spring break. As with other spring breaks, we will not be providing instruction, starting on March 16 through the end of the break. Year round employees will work in school and district facilities as needed. Beginning the week of March 30 we will begin the process of developing alternative means of delivering education through print media

Q: What will building access be for employees during the school closure?

A: School Buildings – Access is limited to only essential personnel (facilities, food service, school leader) through March 27. All other staff or contractors should and only request access for urgent matters. Changes to personnel who report on March 30 and after will be posted during the week of March 23.

As of March 30, 2020, school staff except previously identified staff are working from home. School leaders and their staff are developing a plan surrounding the logistics of duties and times when staff may have to come to the school site in order to complete the preparation of learning packets for students. More information will be posted here as soon as the details have been finalized.

Non-School Buildings – Essential staff only as required by their supervisor. Access will be available with district-issued ID.

Q: As a staff member, how can I access TELADOC for medical advice?

A: TELADOC is a service that allows CUSD employees and their immediate family members to access advice from a US Board Certified Doctor 24/7/365 by telephone, app or email with NO COPAY. Employees may access this service online at or by telephone at 1-800-835-2362

Q: As an employee, if my family is in need of counseling for emotional or mental health for any reason who can I call?

A: Call Jorgensen Brooks Group at 520-575-8623 (toll free, 888-520-5400). Local, in-person clinical appointments can be made Monday through Friday, 8:00am through 4:30pm. Telephone and Internet Chat clinical appointments (45 minutes with licensed therapists) are offered, Monday through Saturday, 5:00am through 6:00pm. Crisis services are available 24 hours/7 days. Services include:

  • Marital Relationship
  • Parent/Child Conflicts
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse
  • Workplace Issues
  • Gambling
  • Other Concern

Q: What events will be approved for community use during this extended break?

A: All community use will be canceled Monday, March 16, 2020 through at least May 31, 2020. Note: This is subject to change as conditions in Arizona and/or the community change.

Q: How will CUSD decide when to resume regular school schedules? How far in advance will this be communicated?

A: This is an evolving situation, and CUSD will continue to follow the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), AZ Department of Health Services (AZDHS), Arizona Department of Education (ADE), AZ Governor’s Office and the Navajo Nation Office of the President. We will share updates when they are available. At this time, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has extended school closures through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Q: What are learning options moving forward?

A: At this time, we are not offering online learning during the extended spring break, as we work to develop solutions that will ensure that all students will have equal access to learning. CUSD is the largest district on the Navajo Nation (covering 4200 square miles) with a diverse student population, and many of our students do not have regular access to technology or the Internet. Beginning during the week of March 30 we will begin the process of delivering education via alternative methods through the use of print media.

Q: What are the implications for state testing?

A: The statewide assessment has been canceled.

Question:  How can employees verify their times from home?

A:  They cannot verify their times from home.  They can only verify when they are in District on the District Intranet. Each site is asking certified employees for confirmation by email for In and Out times therefore, the principal or secretary can verify the times because they have the written documentation by email verifying clock in & out times. Please keep your documentation on file.