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School Social Services

Assist in preventing social, emotional and behavioral factors from affecting a student’s ability to perform to his or her best ability in receiving quality education.



Chinle Unified School District-Exceptional Student Services (C.U.S.D.-E.S.S.) Social Services is to deliver effective assessment, prevention, and intervention services for students and to promote positive relationships between families, schools, and communities to ensure the academic and social-emotional success of exceptional students.



The mission of C.U.S.D.-E.S.S. Social Services is to ensure that all students have the appropriate support, services, and resources necessary to achieve education and social-emotional success at school, home, and within their communities. C.U.S.D.-E.S.S Social Workers will:

  • Provide practice evidence base, effective and culturally proficient interventions and services that are specific to student and school needs;
  • Support the development of safe, positive, and caring school environments that promote student learning and well-being;
  • Work collaboratively to eliminate achievement disparities;
  • Cultivate engaged relationships between students, educational staff faculty, families, and community participates;
  • Assist families and students locate necessary resources and maneuver school and community services;
  • Home visitation to assess the living condition and environment to assure the best interest of the student;
  • Provide Individuals and Group Counseling services to address the immediate situation and often conduct mediation with the school faculty;
  • Develop partnership with the local resources and community agencies; and
  • Lead prevention and awareness in alcohol/drug abuse, truancy, school/cyber bullying and child abuse/neglect.