Sheila Betz - OFP Director

Patrick Begay - Production Manager

Alcindor Tsosie - Graphic Designer

Ya'at'eeh. Welcome to our site. My name is Patrick Goldtooth Begay. I am the Production Manager. Below is a brief history of the Curriculum Center. If you have any questions, you may contact me at work (928) 674-9760. The Navajo Curriculum Development & Production Center was established in 1976 by the Title 1 program to help limited English proficient students become more proficient in the English language because the majority of students coming into the classroom at the time were Navajo speaking children. Using the students’ traditional Navajo background, culturally relevant and supplementary resources for classroom use were developed. In doing so, the students made better connections between home and school. Many of the materials that we have in the Curriculum Center not only reinforce academic areas within the state standards, but they also have traditional Navajo teachings and values integrated into each of the academic material and resources. The materials are easily used in the Navajo Literacy and Culture classrooms because the content is written in both Navajo and English languages are based on different reading levels. More recent development of the Curriculum Center include more advanced Science and Math materials that can be used in the classroom. We are also revising all materials to meet the needs of the students today.