Open Enrollment Policy

Chinle Unified School District has an open enrollment policy. Open Enrollment applications must be submitted on or before July 1st to be considered for the following school year. A decision will be made and the parent/guardian will be notified by August 1. See CUSD Governing Board Policies JFB, JFB-R, and JFB-E for more details of this policy.

 Resident Students

Students who are residents of the District shall be enrolled in the appropriate grade based upon age and prior school achievement upon the of a school enrollment packet. An enrollment packet is not complete until all appropriate documentation is provided, including but not limited to evidence of student's age, residence, and immunization records. Homeless children may be admitted pending receipt of these documents.

Non-Resident Students

students who are not residents of the District may be enrolled under the District's open enrollment policies if the student meets all other admission requirements and there is sufficient capacity at the grade level and location where the student seeks to enroll.


A pupil who has been expelled by any school district in this state or who is not in compliance with a condition of disciplinary action imposed by any other school or school district or with a condition imposed by the juvenile court shall not be admitted.


A Parent or legal guardian must complete a withdrawal form in the Attendance office to withdraw a child from school. An administrator's signature is required before withdrawal is completed. All textbooks and school equipment must be returned and all school debts paid in full before the withdrawal process is complete.

All school materials or library books loaned to the student must be returned. Items that are lost or damaged must be paid for before school records will be forwarded to the new school. All schoolbooks and school equipment must be returned before the withdrawal process is complete.

Entry Age to Kindergarten and First Grade in C.U.S.D.

The entry age to school in the Chinle Unified School District will be age (5) prior to September for Kindergarten and age (6) prior to September 1st for First Grade. Early Kindergarten entry must be Governing Board Approved based on passing academic and social skills. The students must be five years of age by January 1st.

Student Records