Technology Plan 2012_2015r Many Farms                                                                            
                                                                                 VISION AND MISSION STATEMENTS
Vision Statement
   Children are the community’s greatest and most important resource. Therefore, the Chinle Unified School District shall create and implement an exciting, stimulating, safe, and effective learning environment. Effective, innovative technology integration throughout the curriculum will enable all students to achieve their full academic potential, encourage cultural sensitivity, and provide them with the tools for life long learning, informational literacy and workplace skills for the future.
As our students graduate into a technological world we want them to be in charge of their technological environment. We want them to have the necessary skills to master the technology of today and to obtain the skills to use the technology of the future to meet their needs.

 The students shall be taught by highly qualified and motivated staff that are constantly improving their own skills and improving their teaching abilities.

Furthermore, we shall use technology to improve communication with all partners in the students’ education.


Mission Statement .

The Many Farms School shall provide:

  1. A secure, reliable, and high-speed voice and data communications network linking all schools, work areas, classrooms and where ever possible, community.

     2. A network that will be constructed and maintained to

(a)    provide communication through a well maintained e-mail system,

(b)      deliver and support instruction ,

(c)      aide in developing academic skills,

(d)      provide access to information for both students and staff through Internet,

(e)     provide utilities  such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software for educational and management uses,

(f)      facilitate management of the school by providing interaction with the world as a whole through connecting with other computer systems and the Internet.


  1. Training and assistance for the staff, students and community members to use technology, the network and its resources for their maximum educational benefit.


      2.    Continued professional development opportunities to all staff.


     3.     Ongoing evaluation and revision of the Technology Plan to improve student achievement.

      4.   Supervised access to District resources for community members, encouragement of community and parental involvement and opportunities for lifelong learning.

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Manyfarms Tech Plan.