Second Grade ~ Ms. H. Bia

Yea!  I’m learning how to post stuff on my new website.  I have to sign in:  user name and password.  My site will show up then click on Many Farms Public School. Then I post things I want to share with other teachers.  I can get stuff off the internet and put here by copying and pasting. I use the publish; could edit and make changes and don’t have to retype everything.  Under category, create a category; you can create a link to other information; like Promethean Planet ect… a kool lesson off the internet; after you publish it what you post it stays on this site unless the administrator removes it.  I’ll post stuff on here that pertains to 21st century. You publilsh under categories and goes to your school website.  If you need more information go search HELP.

MFPS Website Training

Friday August 19, 2011, Mrs. Begay, Mrs. Bia, and Ms. Smith participated in a school website development training at the District offices. Mr. Trejo and Mr. Littleman introduced us to the WordPress Engine that we use to develop our school’s webpage. The training agenda was:

1. Click on log-in on the top right of the main CUSD website

2. Must have an administrator log-in for website authoring software

3. You should be able to update websites, post messages and documents

Eventually, the MFPS technology committee and/or an appointed MFPS website administrator will have the capacity to take our current school news and present it in a way that will povide a public face to all our combined efforts to educate the precious trust we have been given… the students in our charge.