In this page, several policies is posted on behalf of Chinle Unified School District # 24, Chinle Arizona, if you need to review or find out about the IT department and the policies in place, please print a copy. The distribution, modification or hampering any of the document posted in this site is prohibited under the federal and state laws and will be persecuted.

Policy Adopted from the Arizona education technology

2018 CUSD Internet Safety Policy

LEA Assessment needs 2012-2015

 Outsourcing Policy 2019

Email :Policy at CUSD # 24 from ADE

Chinle Software Purchase Policy

Chinle Hardware Purchase Policy

Chinle ISP Management-Policy

Chinle Physical and Logical Security Policy

Chinle Password Policy 

Chinle Change Control Form Policy

Chinle BackupExec Backup Policy

Chinle BackupExec Restore Policy

Chinle AV Policy 

Attendance Policy ADE .