Client/Server vs. Web-Based Application

This is a common theme.A client server application can do some up front processing on the clients PC, which means you offload some of the processing from the server, and so you don’t need as big a server. The client is responsible for the graphical presentation layer, as well as things like error handling, field edits etc.

The disadvantage of this is that you need a license for the client on every PC which needs to run it, which costs money, and you have to have disk space, and installation scripts etc. This is not necessarily a simple thing in large organizations with old PCs. You often find that new apps with drivers to install cause conflicts. Try running two different oracle apps with two different versions of Oracle on the samePC and you will see what I mean.

Having a web based application means a much less complicated setup from the client side, as all they need is a working browser. No additional software, drivers, dlls etc. mean easier to support. You do need more horesepower on the back end, and as you are sending the presentation layer over the network, you are increasing the network utilization as well.

Web is becoming very popular because it is cheaper to run low end Pcs with minimum configs and beefier servers than the reverse.

Thats a start.





Posted: 06/04/2001 @ 09:37 AM (PDT)


Chinle Unified School District # 24

Since its last technology plan was and is, pursuing all applications use in the District must be WEB-BASE applications and  approved by the technology committee and The IT department.

Your provider must be informed and understand the goals of the District technical projects.