How to Lock Out ID Thieves
(ARA) – Years ago identity thieves hit the gold mine by diving into dumpsters and finding people’s names and social security numbers. Today, getting “dirty” is no longer necessary to strike it big.

“Thieves have gone high-tech. They are hacking into computer databases that contain a wealth of information about you, and using it for their own financial gain,” says Robert Fisak, a retired secret service agent who is an original architect for ID Watchdog, a company created to help people make sure their personal information is not being misused.  

From online job sites to major retailers and even government agencies, thieves are hacking into large databases and getting their hands on people’s private information at an alarming rate.
Identity thieves are stealing sensitive information during what — on the surface — appear to be run-of-the-mill burglaries. This year, someone broke into the home of a data analyst for the Department of Veteran Affairs and stole a computer disc that contained the names, Social Security numbers and birthdates of approximately 26 million U.S. veterans. And New Jersey’s largest health insurance company warned more than 300,000 members that some of their personal information was on a stolen laptop computer.

In both cases, potential victims were offered free credit reporting for a year to calm their fears. While monitoring your credit report is a good thing to do, it’s likely not enough.

“Thieves aren’t necessarily after your money. Your identity is much more valuable to them. By knowing just a few things about you, like your name and address, they can open a new cell phone account in your name, rent an apartment, even take out a mortgage, all without you knowing it,” says Fisak.

But there is something you can do to protect yourself against today’s high-tech criminals. Get some peace of mind by turning to ID Watchdog for help. The service monitors thousands of identity records on your behalf – across the largest computer databases in the world. It also resolves any claims against you and helps re-establish your good name all for just a small monthly fee.

To try ID Watchdog for free, sign up at Your 15-day free trial will include an identity report and access to expert advice on how to protect your identity from hackers and thieves.

“Once you get ID Watchdog, you can forget about identity theft once and for all,” says Fisak.

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