Vision Statement

Children are the community’s greatest and most important resource. Therefore, the Chinle Unified School District shall create and implement an exciting, stimulating, safe, and effective learning environment to assist parents in helping their children develop to each’s maximum potential and enjoy the same diverse and challenging educational opportunities available to students elsewhere in this nation.  Students shall be taught by highly qualified and motivated staff that are constantly improving their own skills and improving their teaching abilities.

It is equally important that the curriculum is delivered in such a manner as to challenge and stimulate and develop, rather than stifle and kill, a love of learning inherent in most young children. To this end, we shall adopt and productively use the latest technology to provide maximum educational opportunities, deliver curriculum, and manage all aspects of the educational process to the best interest of each students’ diverse and unique needs. The system shall be secure and have high reliability. It is our desire that when a student has completed their education in the Chinle Unified School District and moves either on to advanced education or into the community as a productive member, that they shall be familiar and with and able to use the current technology to their best advantage.

Furthermore, we shall use technology to improve communication between school, community and family to better support and serve each student’s needs and enhance involvement by all in the educational process

Mission Statement

The Chinle Unified School District shall provide for the education its students:

  1.       A secure, reliable, and high-speed voice and data communications network linking all schools, work areas, classrooms and where possible, community.
  2.       The network will use proven and dependable technology. It will be constructed to support the educational goals of the District by providing communication, delivering instruction, aiding development of skills, providing utilities such as e-mail and word processing, facilitating management and by providing interaction with the world as a whole through connecting with other computer systems and the Internet.
  3.      This network and its use shall be monitored and managed using an evolving and integrated plan that is supported and implemented by the District and school administration with the concurrence of community representatives.
  4.      The District shall train, educate and enable, -wherever possible, – the staff, students and community members to use technology, the network and its resources for their maximum educational benefit.
  5.      We shall develop an infrastructure that can be locally maintained and managed by District staff.
  6.      This shall be done in compliance with District policy, and state and federal regulations. Furthermore,
  7.      The Technology Plan shall be evaluated and revised on a regular basis, when appropriate, to incorporate additional technology as it becomes available and to support the District’s and communities goals of complying with Tribal, State and Federal Regulations that direct and mandate quality education for our children .
  8.      In response to these mandates, the District shall also strive to provide supervised access to District resources for community members and shall actively encourage community and parental involvement and continuing education.



If you  have any issues with Voice, Data, Video, Hardware and Wi-Fi please submit an work order, you can fill up and submited via email at: or