Breakfast & Lunch
General Information

Chinle Unified School District will offer free breakfast and lunch meals to students and their families at 4 locations throughout the district. This will occur on weekdays Monday to Friday, March 23 through the duration of the CUSD #24 school closures. Food will only be available in grab-and-go packaging to avoid congregating. To prioritize social distancing, families are not allowed to eat on site. CUSD is not able to provide transportation for people to obtain these meals.

Breakfast and lunch will be available to pick up at the same time from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm on Monday through Friday.

Children will need to accompany their parents/guardians one time to be counted for food. At that time the parent/guardian will receive a tag with the number of children in the family on it. Each time after that, children will not need to be present; the parent/guardian will only need to present the tag to collect food.

Any child 18 years old and under is eligible to eat under this program even if he/she is not a CUSD student.


Food Pantry
General Information

We will continue to distribute grocery bags with food through the Chinle Unified School District partnership with St. Mary’s Food Bank. Those grocery bags will be available for pickup at the same locations and times as the school breakfast and lunches. The grocery bags are only available for CUSD students; one bag per student per month. For example: if you have 4 children in CUSD schools you can pick up 4 grocery bags full of food.



Families can pick up student meals from any location listed below, regardless of the school that a child attends or even if the child does not attend a CUSD school.

  • Many Farms Public School
  • Tsaile Public School
  • Canyon de Chelly Elementary School – please see the map below for specific instructions for entering and exiting the area
  • Chinle Junior High School