CUSD Job Applications

Please fill out one of the following forms and print. Move between fields using the tab key. It may be necessary on some displays to use the scroll bar on the screen to scroll down field titles above fields on new pages. The Chinle Unified School District #24 will NOT accept applications sent by email. Applications require your signature and, in some cases, that of a Notary Public.

Employment Application Forms:

CUSD Certified Employment Application

CUSD Classified Employment Application

(All certified and administrative positions require Arizona Certification. Contact the Arizona Department of Education’s (ADE) Certification Division (This site is often overloaded during the day!), or representatives at state universities for further details. Arizona does not recognize certifications from other states.)


Like other schools on Federal Trust Lands, the District provides housing in the form of studio apartments to four-bedroom homes for its employees. Rates are nominal. Available housing is dependent upon vacancies at time of arrival. School housing compounds are located in Chinle, Many Farms and Tsaile’. Salary schedules are above average for the State. A local supermarket and shopping center provide groceries and essentials at competative prices. Cable television and local Internet access are available. Churches of major faiths are represented in the valley.