In order to create a school of respect and order that is safe for everyone all persons in the building must adhere to the following:

1. Cell phones to be used only outside of the buildings or in the front office area.

2. Electronic items may be used outside the buildings or before or after school hours.

3. Head coverings may be worn outside the clasrooms or offices. Remove all head coverings in a classroom or office.

4. Use proper and respectful language while at school and maintain a respectful attitude toward others.

5. School related material and supplies are permitted on campus, any other items will be considered contraband items and will be subject to confiscation.

Please be aware that you may gather only in these areas of the school before and after school or during lunch:

1. B-Wings, A Wing, lobby, cafeteria and library. Wings C, D, E and F only before or after school.

2. Back of school to the auto shop and front of CTE building.

3. Basketball courts.

4. Blue tables area.

5. Front of gym to the basketball courts.


1. On the football field, unless there is a staff member on duty.

2. Behind the school by the tennis courts and highway.

3. At the Wildcat Den.

4. At the Aquatic Center.

5. In the parking lots.

6. On the baseball/softball fields.

7. In the hallways C, D, E, F wings during lunch.

8. Behind the CTE buildings (heavy equipment, cosmetology, nursing, electronics).