Mr. Daniel Yazzie, Director of School Safety

Chinle High School has become a safe school with the efforts of our school resource officers.  Thank you!


Mr. Kinlichee and Mr. Toadelena

CHS Security Officers


Lockout Policy:  After the tardy bell rings in school, the students have 2 minutes to enter the room.  When a student is in the hallway without a pass and it is two minutes after the bell rings, they report to a lockout room for attendance.  While there they are to read, write, or work on assignments, or work assigned by the lockout person.  Refusal to cooperate will result in one day of Internal suspension.


Search and Seizure:  Students must comply with a search of their persons fully.  Under the watch of an administrator a student can be asked to have their bag searched and their bodies by an appropriate security guard.  A student is asked if they have any items that is illegal and are considered contraband items in the handbook.  If the principals feel that a search is required the security will intitate the search.  If a student refuses the search the administrator will list one of the offenses as defiance and disobediance and call the police so a proper search can be conducted.

A student’s due process is adhered to fully for all students:

1.  The administrator will hear the student’s side of the situation.

2.  The student will be allowed to hear the charges and evidence against them, (no names of witnesses)

3.  The student will be given a consequence in writing and one sent home with them.

4.  The administrator will cal the parent (If possible) to make them aware of the situation.

5.  Parents have the right to appeal the decision of the adminstrator to the Principal of the school in writing within 5 days after the incident.

All students are treated fairly and equally and with the respect they deserve.  Any student who feels they have been treated unfairly or disresepctful should report the incident to the Principal.