A Message from our Principal at CHS…

5 TIME Performing School.  2006-2010,  3 TIME Making AYP, CHS has been out of school improvement since 2006.CONGRATULATIONS STAFF, STUDENTS, AND SCHOOL COMMUNITY. Dear Parents and Students,Our mission is to create opportunities for kids to realize their potential and the CHS staff is committed to accomplishing this. I strongly believe that creating positive experiences leads to academic success, to increased involvement and to realized potential. To help our students find excitement in learning, we will continue our plan to build connections
 with our students and the community. Students need to be a part of the school community, to feel like they belong in order to feel valued; this ultimately increases student achievement. We will work with the entire school community to help our kids find a connection, which will result in high student achievement. The assistant principals continually work on programs that lead to student success. Mrs. Dorothy Yazzie and Mr. Jon Jensen work on discipline, English Language Learner’s instruction and other various programs that help the students achieve. Mrs. James-Goy heads our CTE Program that offers many wonderful opportunities for the students.Chinle High School is not only for students, but for the community as well. Please review our school calendar for activities, athletic events and conferences. I encourage you to attend any of these events and assist us in making this a positive school year. You will be amazed at what our students will achieve!Sincerely, 

Doug Clauschee
CHS Principal