RTI Warm Up – Lesson Plan Language Arts & Math


1. State days of week.

2. State months of year.

3.  Count days of month (counting to 30).

4.  State today, yesterday, tomorrow.

5.  Count ones and 10s and 100’s for how many days we have had in school.

6.  Identify and name alphabet letters and sounds.

7. Identify, name, and count groups to 20.

8.  Count by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 2’s to 100.

9.  Phoneme segment 3 words, sound out those phonemes, and write the words.

10. Read chorally and individually 3 lines of Nonsense word fluency with 2-3 letter words with the sounds we are working on that month.

11. Add 2 numbers 5 or under.

12. Name shapes and colors.  By the end of the lesson each student will be able to participate in calendar chorally and individually.

 Standard Reference: Calendar –Count days of month (S1C1PO3- count aloud to 20 or backward from 10 in order), Days of Week, Months of Year, Alphabet in Sign Language with sounds (S1C3PO2,3) Identify letters of alphabet – upper and lower case and say letter sounds represented by the single-lettered consonants and vowels.), “Walk” to 100 on 100’s chart (S1C1PO2) Count forward to 20…., Shapes (S4C1PO1 identify shapes), Count the days of the school year by coins (pennies trade to dimes, 10 dimes = 100’s day = $1.00!, or 2 dimes+1 nickel = 1 quarter, 4 quarters =$1.00) (S3C3PO2 identify +, =, –  sign meaning, S1C1PO10-identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar) (Place value, trading 1s for 10’s, 10’s for 100’s…).