CUSD # 24 E-rate application and Details

Detail for SLD-Erate 470 #703530000918314 (Erate 2011-2012 “Year 14”)

470 posted 02/23/2011

Allowable contract date 3/23/11.

please print PDF files indicating full details on sealed bids y more details call 928 674-9659 ( can be reach best by E-mail) or emailall Cheap Pandora Australia Sale ease click on the following links for you information and to download the pdf files:

Services  and Maintenance.  Erate14 details

Servers. Server listing.

Switch, routers, AP’s, Call managers listinggo Pandora Glass Beads were

Copper and fiber listing Copper and fiber count

Long Distance learning BNI devices BNI MAINT

UPS backup Power listing APC count