Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Members,


I want to start by recognizing the hard work and effort provided by the Chinle Unified School District staff. They continue to diligently support our students in many ways. I feel strongly that the relationships created with our students will result in positive impacts in their lives. Teachers do the work that make things possible for our students. Everyone at CUSD is committed to providing students a safe and caring learning environment filled with effective instruction that will prepare them beyond graduation.

Recently I was asked, “What value does CUSD give my child?” The value of education can mean different things depending on the individual. For some people the value of education could mean the job opportunities they will have after graduation. Job opportunities and income increase significantly with college education. Education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth, and promotes lifelong learning. Whatever it means to you, ultimately, education will create many opportunities for students after graduation. Reflecting our commitment to creating these very opportunities, CUSD’s strategic plan includes the following values:

  • Respectful relationships between students, parents, community and district personnel
  • A safe environment that promotes relevant academic, social and emotional growth for all
  • Proactive, collaborative engagement that promotes high student achievement
  • Accountability, integrity, dedication and commitment for all with a focus on student success
  • The diversity of culture

We are proud of the learning environment we are creating for all students. Our teachers, principals and staff work hard to make things possible for our students. We believe that this combined with our students’ efforts will set them on the right path for success. Their efforts significantly improve with parental involvement. I encourage positive parent-teacher relationships to help children feel good about school and to promote their success.

Thank you for supporting us in educating our children and for the privilege of working with our future leaders.


-Mr. Quincy Natay, Superintendent