Partners in Achievement: Home, School, & Community

The District recognizes the importance of, and commits itself to, the following educational and learning principles. We believe that children are the Navajo Nation’s greatest and most important resource. The schools have a duty and a responsibility to these children to encourage them to be inquisitive, creative, self-sufficient, and respectful of others. We also encourage and support the maintenance of the Navajo Language and promote student fluency in the culture of the Navajo people.

Education is a lifelong process that begins in the home. It is the responsibility of the school to build on the teachings of the home, to work to establish a genuine school-home partnership, and to promote parental participation in the formal education of their children. The purpose of formal education is to gain the academic knowledge and wisdom needed to successfully pursue life’s aspiration.

Special and unique educational needs exist in our predominantly Navajo student population. These needs require an approach that reinforces tenets, theories, educational values, and philosophies of Navajo culture. Since each student lives in a dual society, relationships between the two societies must be identified and made an integral part of the educational process. To promote educational relevancy, positive self-concept, a strong sense of identity, maximum student achievement, and productive citizenship, the role of the Navajo society within and as a part of the broader Western society must be understood.

To meet the needs of our students, the schools must provide holistic educational experiences using physical, spiritual, social, aesthetic, and cognitive learning processes. These experiences will start our students up the ladder of education, enabling them to reach the highest levels of knowledge and fulfillment.

The District will develop and offer educational programs leading to the development of skills, knowledge, and wisdom. Students will have access to the tools they need to live in harmony with the themselves, with their society, and with their environment.

Adopted: June 8, 1993
LEGAL REF: Arizona State Constitution, Article XI, Sections 1