Build on the teachings of the home in developing and maintaining personal dignity and self-worth.

  1. Promote the values and the purposes of education by actively involving parents in the formal education of their children.
  2. Recognize that the optimum individual development is the product of an effective home-student-school-community partnership.
  3. Help students to acquire healthy habits and attitudes.
  4. Use the positive relationship between Navajo culture and the western society to develop each student’s ability to function
    competently in a multicultural society.
  5. Provide opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and communicate ideas theough reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  6. Foster the development of creative, constructive and critical thinking skills.

These goals focus the District’s efforts toward developing a love of learning that leads to a lifelong pursuit of wisdom. These educational targets reflect our mission statement and our philosophy of education.

From Section AE Chinle Unified School District Governing Board Policy. Adopted with Governing Board Manual Revison on August 1, 2000.

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