“From the Heart of the Navajo Nation”

The Chinle Unified School District is located in the heart of the Navajo Nation and Land of the Dineh, or Navajo People. The community of Chinle (Chin Lee) is sixty miles south of Utah and thirty miles west of New Mexico, in Arizona’s Four Corners region. It is located in the high desert at about 5,500 feet in elevation, in the one-hundred mile long Beautiful Valley paralleled by U.S. Highway 191. The community has grown at the mouth of beautiful Canyon De Chelly, a National Monument, which annually attracts over a million visitors from all over the nation and the world.

The Chinle Unified School District No. 24 has seven schools and over four thousand students. We are the largest school district in the Navajo Nation in both student count and geographic area. Our high school is the largest primarily Native American public high school in the entire United States. Ninety-seven percent of the students are Dineh. The District encompasses the communities of Chinle, Many Farms, Tsaile, Luckachukai, Wheatfields, Nazlini, Cottonwood and Tselani. School buses travel over 5,200 miles on routes each day, as they pick up and safely transport students to and from schools. (Last year they logged over 1.3 million accident free miles!) In traditional Dineh teachings, Canyon De Chelly is mentioned in the prayers and songs by the practitioners of the Beauty Way Ceremonies. As a member of both the school district and the community, when you are in Chinle, you are in a very special place. The Chinle Unified School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Laws granting preference to qualified Navajo Nation Members and Native Americans (Navajo & Indian Preference) are acknowledged and observed.